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otl-tides-nightOTL The Comp Ticket Underground is a Seat Filler Club.  Our Members receive free show tickets at teh private invitation of the theatres and show venues.  Members pay one low fee for the opportunity to attend a wide variety of events & entertainment in your city! NO per ticket costs... NO printing costs... NO handling fees... nada, nothing, zero, zip...

Sounds too good to be true?  We'll let you in on our secret...

When a venue or event has unsold seats they'd like to fill, they turn to us to fill them on the down low. We offer them to you for FREE. You make online reservations. You end up on the Will Call List just like paying customers. You go to the show; clap really loud; spend money on food & drinks. It's happy campers all around!

This OTL site is managed by Audience Resources, LLC.  The seat filling concept is rather new in many markets, although seat filling (aka "papering the house") has been in existence for years in cities like New York, Las Vegas & LA.  We've learned that no house is too small to need a little help with filling the seats.  A full house is important for the performers, the paid ticket holders, and for the over all experience.   OTL is a way for members to get out & experience new things & discover new venues in their community.  


We're a family owned & operated business and we love what we do. Of course, we love helping the bigger venues that need to save an underpublicized show, and it is quite rewarding to work with small theatres, helping them to have a successful opening night, and introducing new patrons to their hidden gem of a venue.  We love the stories from our members saying "WOW...I never expected I would like Opera. It was so great to be able to expose my 7 year old to the performing arts!", or the member who says we've "revived their date nights during some hard financial times".  

Being a local seat filler is a win-win.  Learn more about how it works in our FAQ section.

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