What is this "Comp Ticket Underground" thing I keep hearing about?
You know when you're at a show & you look around and there's a sea of empty seats? We help venues fill their unsold seats with our members AND introduce our members to hidden entertainment gems in their own hometown.  OTL the Comp Ticket Underground is THE Live Events Subscription Club (a.ka. a local seat filler).   We're proud to be a part of the SeatFillerNetwork filling seats in over 30 markets!
How does this work?
When a venue has a need to boost audience attendance, they come to us with a comp seat offering for our members. We feature the show in our handy dandy members' only reservation system; our members click the "reserve" button, and go to the show for FREE!
Why in the world would a venue offer comp seats?
An empty seat provides no value to the venue whatsoever. Not a darn thing. By filling extra seats, the venue gets pretty stoked about the increased concession sales, an audience all-a-buzz, and they love showing off their digs to new patrons. Maybe they want to pack the house on opening night to kick things off in style...or sales are just a little lower than planned. Whatever their reason...we offer a super cool solution.
How often will I get to see a show? Do you have tickets to "insert show here"??
Hmmm...We left our crystal ball at home, but we can tell you that there will be busier and slower times. It's up to the venue to decide when they can use our help, so we work hard to make sure they know about us and that we're ready, willing & able to pack their house at a moment's notice.  Remember, we are not a reservation system or ticket broker.  We never know too far in advance what we'll have to offer, or when we'll have it.  Come on...live a little on the edge...it'll be fun!
What events have you offered?  Who are your venue partners?
First rule of OTL: You don't talk about OTL. Second rule of OTL: You do not talk about OTL. We here at OTL do solemnly swear that we will not publicly announce the shows or venues we have had. Why, you ask? Because we're here to help venues, not hurt them. If word on the street says you could get free tickets to "x" venue, it could hurt their regular ticket sales. So, mum's the word.  
Can you tell me what "type" of events you have?
Heck yeah, we can! We've featured just about everything but the kitchen sink: comedy, theater, sports, lectures, music (all genres), conferences, expos, dance, speaker series, family & a few others that will remain nameless.
Ok, what's the catch?
You must abide by our membership rules. Like, we're kinda sticklers about them as they are the keys to the success of our program. Nothing too difficult though...  just things like if you make a reservation, you must attend the event.
Sounds cool! How do I sign up?
It's easy peasy...  Click Join and take a peek at our different offerings... We offer two membership types: PREMIERE Membership (2 tickets per show/event) and a GRAND Membership (4 tickets per show/event).  Month-to-month...Annual...it's up to you!  JOIN HERE

New Members...here are a few questions you might have...

How do I reserve seats?
Just log into your account, and if you see any available events posted that tickle your fancy, choose the number of tickets you'd like to reserve, and follow the prompts. Be sure to check "my reservations" in your member dashboard area to make sure your reservation was completed.  Note: there may be times there are no available events on the site.  We work hard to build solid relationships with our venue partners, but it is up to their discrection when they extend offers to our members. 
Do I have to be the one to pick up the tickets & attend the show?
Yes. You may bring guest(s) of your choosing depending upon your membership type, but YOU must be there (no life-size cardboard cut outs!) with your ID in hand.
That show last night was awesome! Can I attend it again?
It depends. Every show/event is offered on a first come, first serve basis. Per our membership rules, a member may only reserve tickets to an offered show or event once. Remember what your mother taught you- you have to share. If a particular show or event is listed for several weeks or months, and everyone has had a chance to reserve seats...then we can talk.
Are memberships ever pro-rated or refunded?
We're not a fan of the word no, but we just don't know any other way to say it. No. Due to the nature of our business, we have a No Refund Policy.  If you sign up for a one-year membership, on November 15, 2014, you'll be a proud member of OTL through November 14, 2015.  
Can I upgrade my membership?
Of course! When you're logged into the site, you'll see an option in your member dashboard that will allow you to upgrade your account from a Premiere to a Grand for a pro-rated fee. We do not downgrade memberships.
My name is Jack, but sometimes I like to go by Jill. Can more than one name be listed on one account?
Sorry Jack. Just one name per account, but you can bring Jill up the hill with you as a guest if you like.
Will I get a bunch of emails from this site?  
You will not. We'll drop you a line now & again to let you know what we're up to, but we do not send email announcements for every listed event. We encourage you to log in daily to see what shows/events are offered. Remember...we cannot be responsible for emails that are delayed or lost in cyberspace.  
Can I cancel my reservation to a show or event?
Here's the deal... We prefer that you don't reserve tickets to a show or event if you are not certain you will be able to attend.  However, we do understand that emergencies arise on rare occasion.  So, if you MUST cancel, please email Member Services as soon as you discover your conflict so we can open up the tickets to some other lucky duck.  Let's be considerate of our venue partners and other OTL members and cancel as quickly as possible so those tickets can be reserved again.  Our lists for events go to venues at a time they request.  Please be sure to review the cancellation deadline posted on the event listing.  After the lists go out, we can't change a thing and we will be sad as that means empty seats for the venue.  As a reminder, you should never contact the venue - all changes and cancellations are handled by our amazing Member Service Team.
Will my membership auto renew?
Yes, our 3, 6, and 12 month memberships auto-renew on a discounted month-to-month subscription plan after initial membership duration expires.  Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time; however no partial refunds will be provided. 
Do I need to bring a confirmation to pick up my tickets?
No. You can view/print your confirmation that tells you where to go and how to pick up your tickets for your own handy dandy reference, but you do not need to bring the confirmation to the Box Office.  It's a super good idea to check your account after you make a reservation to be sure it went through.  It is not fun to show up at the Box Office and have them tell you that you are NOT "On the List".
I'm gettin' out of Dodge for a much needed vacation. Is my OTL membership in this city good in other OTL cities?
We are pretty jazzed to offer you Member Privileges in ALL OTL U.S. cities & in Europe. So, complete the Two Week Guest Pass Request form in your Member Dashboard, let us know where you're heading & we'll hook you up!
My eyes are crossed from reading all this, and I still don't have the answer I'm looking for. Now what?
Relax, we're here for ya! Our Member Services Team works daily to answer email and get you the answers you're looking for.