The Top 5 OTL Rules You Need To Know

We're happy to see you!  Before joining, you must read & agree to our complete rules of membershipOur membership rules are a vital part of our program and support our valued venue partners.  

But to Make a Long Story Short...


It's Wednesday, and you feel like you could use a night in to get you over the hump, but're "on the list", and you don't want to be a no-show! Please, if you're on the fence about attending an event, do not make a reservation; it keeps others from the opportunity and we've promised to fill the seats! Certainly emergencies present themselves, but let's keep unnecessary cancellations out of the mix. Two "no-shows" = loss of membership.


We love you, but we can't be responsible for your actions. You have a few responsibilities you must agree to if you'd like to be a member of "OTL".  You must check the site for events. We don't email you every time we list an event. Besides, emails are like socks...the dryer eats one every now & again. - So you made a sure about that? Please be sure to check your account to confirm that your reservation went through.


If you want to be "on the list", you are sworn to secrecy. We know, you kinda want to brag about the free seats you just got, especially when you know the nice guy in front of you paid big money for his tickets, but PLEASE for the love of not mention that you received free tickets! You're "on the list" to help the venue - whether it's to spend money on concessions, create some "buzz" around the show, or to come back & purchase tickets in the future. We encourage you to shout from the rooftops or check-in on Foursquare to tell everyone about what an awesome event you just attended at this killer venue...just not tell people you were "on the list".


You've got questions? We've got the answers. DO NOT we repeat, DO NOT contact our venue partners with questions about your reservation. Our venue partners are super busy dealing with all that goes into creating fabulous entertainment for you. Part of our job is making sure the OTL experience is seamless. Oh, and by the way, did we say you shouldn't contact the venues direct? We think you got it!


No stunt doubles, paternal twins, or doppelgangers...We Card 99 & under. You, our fabulous OTL Member, must be the one to present your ID to pick up the tickets at Will Call, and be the one attending the show. You may not pass on the tickets to the guy you met in line behind you, or to the guy who sits three cubicles down at work. But feel free to bring your cubicle friend as your plus one!

i will follow the rules