Partner with OTL for your next show or event.

We privately send people to your shows & events without impacting regular ticket sales.

Effective, Upscale, Complimentary Papering

You have extra seats available for a show or want to increase traffic at your event...

  1. Fill out the Submit Your Event form electronically and tell us about the event, along with the number of comp seats you wish to release.
  2. We promote the event on our private website for members and our members make reservations.
  3. We issue you a Will Call list on the day of the event.
  4. You enjoy increased revenue & an audience that's all-a-buzz!


Any time you have empty seats, you are missing out on money spent on concessions, merchandise, food and drinks. The performers also enjoy performing for a packed house and you have an ideal opportunity to introduce brand new patrons to your venue. We all know how quickly word spreads...let us help you spread the word that your venue ROCKS!

“The motivation is that there is a strongly perceived positive effect of a crowded hall on the customer’s experience at the concert and their retention, as an ongoing and repeat customer.” - “Filling Seats at a Theater”, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Strict Privacy Policy

Shhh...You're in the Comp Ticket UndergroundWe won't ever publicly promote the names of our entertainment partners or events so that regular ticket sales are not impacted. We hold our members to the same policy in regards to keeping the fact they received comp tickets on the "down-low".

90% Attendance Rate

Effectively paper the houseKnow exactly how many people are going to be in attendance instead of handing out comp tickets and hoping people show. Effective, private, upscale papering!

Additional Revenue

increase concession and drink revenueAlthough you are providing comp tickets to fill your seats, our members spend money on food, beverage, merchandise and other purchases.

Larger Audience

Increase audience turnout Fill some empty seats, an entire section, or simply introduce some new patrons to your venue.  Expecting a theatre critic or media to attend your show?  How about this review headline... "XYZ Show performs to a packed house!" 

Partner FAQs

What is OTL? OTL is a private "seat filler" service effectively filling unused seats and building audiences for our entertainment partners, while providing our members with exposure to a wide variety of entertainment offerings.  OTL is also a more accurate and upscale way to paper the house.

How does OTL work? When an entertainment partner has an offering, OTL privately posts all of the information in our members’ only reservation system.  The members then make online reservations and a Will Call list is generated on the day of the event and emailed directly to the event/venue contact. There are no minimums on the amount of tickets you can offer, and there is no ongoing obligation. So, go ahead and try us out!

What are the costs associated with working with OTL? There are NO FEES involved for entertainment partners to work with OTL.  Members pay a low yearly fee that enables them to reserve complimentary tickets to any of the entertainment posted on OTL throughout the year.  They do not pay per ticket/seat.

What makes OTL different from discount ticket brokers? OTL is not a ticket broker nor does it offer any type of coupon or event discount.  It is a seat filler site that works with entertainment partners to turn around comp tickets (or opportunities) to its members via a private Will Call reservation system.

What are the benefits to being an entertainment partner of OTL? There are numerous benefits to partnering with OTL on events, shows or entertainment activities that aren’t sold out including:

  • EASE OF tickets change hands; venues receive reservation lists via email; venue partners simply provide a few pieces of information and OTL handles the rest
  • A LARGER AUDIENCE or increased traffic
  • ADDITIONAL INCOME generated through food and beverage, merchandise or other purchases
  • Introduction of NEW PATRONS to the event or venue
  • NO CHARGE for the service & NO Ongoing Obligation
  • Member “NO SHOW” POLICY enables our entertainment partners to know how many people will be attending as opposed to passing out comps and hoping for a good return
  • "PRIVACY TO SHOWS" POLICY ensures that partnering with OTL will not impact regular price ticket sales
  • PROMOTION OF YOUR SHOW/EVENT to all area OTL members for the duration of the posting. We also encourage our members to check in on Facebook or Foursquare to tell all their friends about your awesome venue (of course not mentioning they received comp seats)
  • GET VALUABLE FEEDBACK by requesting for our members to complete a post-show survey.
  • BUILD YOUR EMAIL/MAILING LIST for future performances with new patrons

Does OTL issue tickets directly to the member? No. Tickets are never issued directly through OTL.  Our entertainment partners issue all tickets or admission based upon the Will Call Reservation List that On the List provides on the day of the event.

I run a golf course and don't operate on a ticket system. Can I still offer opportunities with OTL? Yes.  Our system is set up to issue email confirmations directly to each member after they reserve an offering.  On the List can stipulate that the member must present the email confirmation upon arrival in lieu of going to a Will Call window for tickets.

What are the requirements for being able to offer entertainment through OTL? The opportunity must be a complimentary offering (as opposed to a discount) and must be entertainment-oriented but does not necessarily have to be a traditional ticketed event.  OTL can offer conferences and expos, festivals, speaking engagements, classes, sports, addition to traditional offerings such as theatre, music, dance, comedy, etc.  Tickets are to be offered as 100% ($0 value) comps, but must have a value associated with them.  OTL cannot post events that are publicized as free to the general public as there must be a benefit to our members.

How do I get started? Simply click on the Submit Your Event link to electronically submit your event or contact us and we'll have a venue representative get in touch with you.  We're looking forward to assisting you!  Have a show touring in several cities?  Check out our dedicated partner siteto submit an event to any OTL city.