How you can receive Free Show Tickets as a Seat Filler...

Seat-Fillers-WantedSo, what IS OTL?

– OTL is a Live Events Membership Club – an area “Seat Filler” that supports the Arts & Entertainment Community.
– OTL Members never pay for tickets; they only pay for their membership.
– Members receive Free Tickets to Music, Theatre, Comedy & more. These are tickets for which the general public still has to pay.
– Tickets value $5, $10, $20, $50… maybe even more.. and members get at least two tickets per show
– OTL Membership Dues are less than $10 a month for two seats to shows. It’s priced low because we just never know what’s coming up. We DO know that most active members receive an average of a 1000% return on their $10 investment though!
- OTL Members join ONE "home" location and have member privileges in ALL OTL location with our Guest Pass program! 

Important – what OTL is NOT

– NOT a Ticket Broker
– NOT a Shopping Site for tickets
– NOT a distributor of tickets that are free for everyone. Shows offered to OTL members must have ticket value.
– NOT a membership that offer shows every day of every week. Performances are posted as show partners need seats filled. 

BETTER than a traditional seat filler!Tickets

– OTL members receive TWO (or four) seats per show and don’t move around. They’re not filling the seats for other people.
 They’re just filling the unsold seats upon personal invite of the venue or show promoter. OTL members and their guests are seated together. 

– OTL Members are treated just like every other paying patron. Tickets are distributed at the Will Call window with the presentation of the member’s ID only. No coupons to print or present. This is an upscale service. 

– Unlike award show seat fillers that may attend one or two shows a year, OTL members are often invited to attend multiple shows per month. It all depends on show partners though. On a given day there could be zero performances or there could be 15 or more. There’s usually at least one show a week though. We’d rather understate the number of offerings and have you be surprised though!  

The responsibilities that accompany OTL membership:

– OTL members can select shows they wish to attend but MUST attend everything for which they’ve reserved seats. Our Show Partners count on a certain number of seats to be filled.

– OTL members cannot publicly promote OTL entertainment partners. OTL supports the Arts & Entertainment community so we don’t want to impact the regular ticket sales of our awesome show partners by promoting that OTL members have been given comp tickets when everyone else has to pay. 

Would you make an ideal OTL member?

– Are you 18 or older?
– Do you have a computer, tablet or phone to register your membership and make your online reservations?
– Would free tickets encourage you to get out more and experience Music, Theatre, Comedy & more…
– Do you understand that OTL is not a ticket broker and cannot guarantee number of performances or specific shows that will be offered?
If you answered YES to all of the above, what are you waiting for? OTL is seeking new Seat Fillers! Tell your friends too – you can make plans together and let each other know when new shows pop up!

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